How To Find The Best Location To Open Your Restaurant

Restaurants are one of the most popular users of net leased real estate. In this video, we focus on the operator aspect of restaurants and how to make it easier for you to find a suitable location for your concept. The two obstacles that restaurants face when opening are zoning and tenant improvements. The simplest way to overcome these obstacles is to find a second generation restaurant space.

A second generation restaurant space is a unit within a commercial property, or a freestanding property, that was previously operated as a restaurant and is now available for a new tenant. What this means is that; 1) Your business permit to operate another restaurant will more than likely be approved by the City, which saves you tons of time, and: 2) There are existing restaurant tenant improvements like hoods, counters, seating, and restrooms already in place that you can utilize which saves you tons of money.

In the Atlanta market, I have located a handful of second generation restaurants that could be a perfect fit for a new or existing restaurant concept. If you are a franchisee that needs another prime location or a newer operator that would like to take advantage of existing buildouts, then it is necessary that you secure one of these locations immediately. We will assist you from farm to table to make sure your concept is up and running for the New Year. Please contact us for more information on restaurant leasing.