Selling Real Estate For Cryptocurrency


If you are considering selling your investment property, then you may want to consider exchanging it for Crytpocurrency. The reason for divesting out of real estate and into Crytocurrency is because Bitcoin was up 1300% for 2017, with a high of 1900% for the year. In comparison, 8% was the U.S. Real Estate Investment Trust yearly average. The S&P 500 averaged 19% in 2017. Exchanging your property into Cryptocurrency can easily be done on the blockchain using verified smart contracts, which are digital versions of traditional real estate contracts. One of the best reasons to Crypto exchange is that your profits stay on the blockchain. This means that at closing all of your equity is readily available in the form of Cryptocurrency and can be re-invested in lieu of fiat currency. In many states, a licensed real estate broker is capable of facilitating a Cryptocurrency exchange and escrow. Using a broker provides accountability and protection for the seller. It is the easiest way to exchange real estate into Cryptocurrency and an exit strategy that all property sellers should take advantage of.