Finding Your Niche in the Fitness Industry


When I was in school, I played a variety of sports in P.E. class and after school. I benefited from playing sports through my involvement in team building and goal oriented concepts. As an entrepreneur, those in game experiences have helped me appreciate the small wins in life that I hope lead to success and longevity. Think Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, and Pelé; these players are great at organizational leadership because they understand the need and benefit of accomplishing goals as a team. The sports industry is a growing, high demand market and there is an opportunity for athletes, coaches, and trainers to capitalize. The following is a list of gym uses that your sports concept may fall under. 
    Gym Uses
 Baseball & Softball*
    Cycling & Motocross*
    Martial Arts
    Yoga & Pilates
    *Also an outdoor use

Once you have identified your gym use, the next step of your business plan will include detailing out the real estate requirements. Our next blog post will include relevant questions to aid in locating the ideal facility for your team.